Partnering with parents to point kids toward Christ.

At Kids@Main, we have created a loving & nurturing environment suitable for all children from birth through 4th grade. Our mission is to provide age-appropriate, biblical teaching in a creative & fun environment that points kids to Christ.

Join us on Sundays at 10am!

Gospel Project Curriculum

In Kids@Main, each classroom utilizes the Gospel Project curriculum. Gospel means good news. The Gospel Project is a chronological Bible study curriculum that points every story in the Bible back to the good news of Christ. It is broken up into 3-6 sessions per unit with a Big Picture Question and Answer and Bible Verse for each unit.

How and where do I check my kids in? 

The Kids@Main area is located next to the Worship Center, on the Northwest part of the building. Be sure to check all of your children in at the Kids@Main check-in stations located on either side of the Kids@Main main desk before the service starts. Children from infant through age 3 can then be dropped off in the appropriate Kids@Main classroom right after being checked in. Children in the PreK and Kindergarten and the 1st through 4th grade will join us in the worship center for the first part of our worship, then will be dismissed to go to their appropriate classrooms in Kids@Main.

Who’s involved in caring for my child during the service?

Every Kids@Main team member has had a background check and is committed to making the ministry a fun, biblical, structured, and nurturing environment for your kids.

Are there any resources you recommend?

Yes! We have put together a list of resources for you to use. Please click below to download.