An Update from Our Pastors Wife - Jimmelynn Rice

My dear C@M Family -

THANK YOU for your outpouring of love, care and passionate prayers during my weeks of aggressive treatment at the medical clinic in FL. I can never fully express the depth of gratitude and deep love I feel for you! But, please know how much I am deeply indebted and so grateful to you and my faithful God.

So many of you have texted, emailed, called and asked how I am doing. I haven't felt well enough to respond much - so I wanted to give an update to each of you as I know you care so deeply and have prayed and fasted.

I know bullet points are the best, but due to so many different questions, I will try to give a synopsis. So, warning: grab a cup of coffee and a comfy chair as you read! 😊 *what else do you have to do while you're quarantined, right?* ;) lol I am trying to be succinct, but answer each of your questions.

My IV treatments were rough, aggressive and brutal as Dr. Crozier upped the ante and increased the potency of each treatment. I am a fighter and will not give up. GOD gave me the strength, courage and perseverance to push through the pain and after-effects. This path of treatment has worked in the past since being diagnosed and beginning aggressive treatment 5 years ago. I am the most grateful girl on the planet to be alive! God used Dr. Crozier to literally save my life. However, recently I had begun to regress which is not uncommon for acute Lyme patients. Dr. C said I regress faster than any of his patients, which is not what I want to hear. But, God has brought me SO FAR and I know He is not done! Our goal is to continue to work toward a place of remission of the chronic, late-stage Lyme Disease.

As some of you know, there are other physical battles as a result of the havoc Lyme spirochetes create as they spread and destroy your organs and body. So, treatments attack:

  • Acute Lyme Disease
  • Co-infections that come with Lyme Disease
  • Inability of my body to get rid of mold, heavy metals, or ANY toxins on its own - as a normal person can. My body builds up a major toxin overload that affects my entire body and brain. So, treatments force toxins out of my body
  • Abnormally high inflammation in my body and brain which are a big concern right now

Treatments include 7- IV infusion treatments each day: (much like a cancer patient receiving chemo treatments)

Dr. Crozier said it affects your body like ‘chemo on steroids’.

Some of the elements of treatment include:

  • The Kill
  • Toxin Overload Forced Detox
  • Rebuilding my body at the cellular level (bringing healing one cell at a time) and rebuilding organs, body systems, immune system, neurological pathways and areas of my brain that were destroyed by the active infection.

Dr. Crozier is also doing some cutting-edge, promising, experimental treatments on me. Dr. Crozier is not only a Lyme specialist, but a geneticist and scientist working in collaboration with Global Lyme Alliance and governmental agencies. He collects data from me as part of the research.

The truth in a very real sense is that I am a lab rat/guinea pig. Some experimental treatments have worked, some have not. Some people donate their body to science after they have passed - but I have given my body to science while I am alive and battling this vicious disease that is now a global epidemic - in the hopes of alleviating the suffering of so many battling Lyme disease - and in prayer that more effective, affordable treatment can one day be available instead of the astronomical costs of treatment, and if God wills, ultimately, a cure for late-stage Lyme Disease.

At this point, Dr. Crozier said humanly speaking, Lyme Disease is not curable. (like Stage 4 cancer - I have Stage 4 Lyme) But, the goal is continued treatment to get to and keep me in remission.

UNLESS GOD chooses to heal me completely and perform a miracle! I told him my family, friends and our C@M family is praying for a MIRACLE! Which he believes God can do if He chooses, as well. I keep singing and praying the lyrics of "Way Maker".

Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper

Light in the darkness,

My God, that is WHO You are...

Even when I don't see that You're working,

Even when I don't feel that You're working...

You're my Way Maker, Promise Keeper, Miracle Worker....!!!


Extensive lab tests and blood work I did show my numbers have improved in some areas - and healing has taken place in some organs and body systems that were deeply damaged. So, IV treatments and the complicated daily regimen of treatments/supplements I do each day are bringing healing.



Dr. Crozier told me to remember that I have acute chronic Lyme Disease - and the enormous stress I have been under the past few years has taken a deep toll causing Lyme and other auto-immune issues to flare up. But, he is seeing improvement through doing the aggressive IV treatments in every day succession this month. He wants me to continue to do one extensive IV treatment each month for the next four months, the daily complex supplement regimen, as well as custom-made peptide treatments daily.

Pray for God to bring:

  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Mental healing
  • Spiritual healing I have become soul-weary and battle-weary over the last couple years. I need prayers for courage and strength to keep fighting, healing from deep brokenness, loss and grief over loved relationships, profound sadness, pain, discouragement and depression that resulted from the past few difficult years of deep challenges while serving, leading, pastoring and loving our C@M family - coupled with all my health battles that have taken a deep toll.

I know the enemy has tried to destroy and attack Rodney and me on every level possible: ministry, marriage, family, trying to take care of parents out-of-state who are failing and their needs, treatments traveling back and forth to the FL medical clinic for 5 years while trying to pastor as best we could, financial medical burdens, burnout and depression.

I am being painfully vulnerable, with the hope and trust that you won't judge, but rather pray. I am confessing these deeply personal struggles to you – with much angst and a terrible fear of being misunderstood or judged ---- but wanting to believe the truth that we CAN trust and are supposed to share our struggles with each other as we love each other, bear one another’s burdens and press into Jesus together for wholeness and healing. WE LOVE YOU - our Church@Main family with all our hearts and have poured out our lives lovingly investing in you and your families that we deeply cherish. It is an honor and privilege to love, lead, serve and come alongside you, encouraging you to grow and mature in your walk with Christ....just as we are. <3

As the Apostle Paul said....

We are knocked down, but not knocked out.

Pressed down, but not defeated!

Our HOPE IS IN THE LORD, our God, Maker of Heaven and Earth!

Blessed are those that trust in the Lord;

Whose HOPE is in HIM!

I am daily working to CHOOSE TRUST. TO CHOOSE HOPE.

I am praying for each of you, in your own personal struggles, to do the same.

Thank you for praying....and listening. :)

Praying and loving you.....

I love you deeply.


With more love than you can imagine,®

♥ Jimme

Jimmelynn Rice